CIT Program


CITs – Counselors in Training

The CIT program at Camp Juliette Low encompasses everything for which Juliette Low founded the camp: outdoor leadership training. The program is intended to provide girls with the skills necessary to one day serve as counselors and program leaders. The responsibility and leadership skills acquired in the CIT program are qualities that serve girls throughout their lifetime.


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CIT Information Kit- Tips and Packing List (PDF)


Overview of the Program

 CIT sessions are three weeks long and run concurrently with the rest of camp. Girls who have finished the 10th or 11th grades are eligible to participate. In recognition of the contribution CITs make to the operation of camp, their camp tuition fees are reduced. 


Performance Essentials: ICAMP


Initiative * Collaboration * Attitude * Motivation * Presentation


Code of CIT Integrity


A future CJL counselor shows initiative in her behavior and accountability for her actions. She collaborates well with the camp community, maintains a positive attitude, is motivated to do the right thing for camp and campers, and presents herself in a way that others can respect and model.


CJL’s CIT Program is a Two-Summer Program


First year: The first summer is a training program for girls who have completed the 10th grade. First-year CITs refine the skills they learned as campers (e.g., lashing, fire-building, outdoor cooking, knot tying, tool craft) as well as outdoor skills not always taught to campers (e.g., wilderness first aid, trail maintenance, cookout meal planning for large groups). They also have the opportunity to observe and work with all age groups and in a variety of program areas. By helping in the units and with various classes, they become familiar with counselors’ duties and begin to become aware of the activities and age groups that they prefer. Girls are evaluated based on performance of required tasks, daily assignment completion, and observations.


Second year: The second year is for girls who are recommended based on their first year performance and successful completion of the first-year program. The second year is designed to prepare girls for the reality and responsibility of being employed as a counselor at CJL. Second-year CITs learn about the behind-the-scenes work of all camp staff (e.g., unit counselors, program directors, camp director, dietician, camp ranger). The program also focuses on teaching techniques and lesson planning for classes, characteristics of various age groups, ways to work effectively with campers and peers, and the leadership skills necessary to be a successful camp counselor. Girls are evaluated based on performance of required tasks, daily assignment completion, and observations.


Graduates from the CIT program will get pay bonuses if they come to work as staff. More importantly, they will leave with leadership skills, independence, and confidence in themselves and their abilities.


“The CIT program taught me to depend on ME.”

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