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Camp Juliette Low


Learn what CJL is all about: friends, classes, traditions, and fun! Plus watch interviews with campers and staff about why girls love CJL.

Tour of Camp

Become familiar with camp buildings, landmarks, and program areas: the Juliette Low Lodge, soft rocks, units, lake, trading post, archery, pool, challenge ropes course, barn, craft house, and swimming hole.

A Day in the Life

Follow our campers as they wake to the morning bell and start an exciting day at CJL!


Classes at CJL include Archery, Outdoor Living Skills, Canoeing, Sailing, Horseback, Adventure Course, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Water Fun (at the pool), "General Merriment," Backpacking, Hiking, and more.


In CJL's popular horseback program, riders are grouped by experience and ability, then by age. A majority of our riders are first-time and beginner riders, and our program is designed to ensure they have a positive, safe experience.

All Camp Day

Watch as the four units compete in All Camp Day, the exciting conclusion to each session. The units compete in wood chopping, water boiling, 14-person fire, archery, canoeing, sailing, and swimming. There's also an art show, a horse show, and a song contest.

CJL Traditions

Traditions make CJL feel like home to our campers. They connect us to our history and to each other. CJL Traditions can be fun or reflective, from sliding down the swimming hole, to sailing a Baby Boat on the last night of camp.

Life in the Unit

Every activity in the unit is designed to support the campers in learning new skills, making friends, and working as a team. Unit time may include hikes, games, and learning camp craft skills like knot-tying and wood chopping. The campers also work together in their units on "cookout" night to cook dinner over the campfire.

Tent Living: What to Pack

See what it's like to live in a tent and get some packing tips from our campers! New campers and parents can use this video as a companion to our packing list to get some ideas about what to pack and how to     pack it.



Check out CJL’s classic camp videos from 2005 —

still informative and entertaining!

All About CJL!


Everything you need to know about CJL—our history, mission, and details about classes, programs, daily schedule, meals, tent-living, All Camp Day, staffing and facilities. (9:37).

Parent-Daughter Weekend

Learn about this popular weekend held each May, and watch interviews with parents and prospective campers. (7:11)

History, Board & Alumnae

More information about CJL's history, its long-time management through a Board of Trustees, and its active alumnae involvement. (4:25)



“In today's fast-paced world, camp gives girls the time and place where they can enjoy the outdoors, make their own fun, and form friendships that will last throughout the years.”



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