What to Bring and How to Pack it


Camp is outside, and our campers play hard! Therefore, we recommend packing comfortable “play” clothes that your daughter feels safe getting dirty. Likewise, towels and bedding may get dirty, stained, or even mildewed, so please don’t send your best linens!


In general, electronics are not recommended at camp. Portable speakers and electronic games detract from the peace of the natural setting; therefore, if these items are brought to camp, they should have headphones. Keep in mind that there are no outlets to plug in rechargeable electronics. Cell phones and expensive electronics are not permitted at camp.







How to Pack All This Stuff


TRUNKS: Most campers pack their belongings in a trunk. Rubber and plastic trunks are great because they’re less expensive, easier to transport, and easier to clean. Many campers opt to bring traditional wood trunks, but remember that someone has to carry what you bring, so keep it small and lightweight, if possible!


WHERE TO BUY TRUNKS: The Container Store carries a variety of storage trunks, including a sturdy, affordable plastic trunk. During spring and summer, Walmart and Target often carry trunks in stores. In addition, there are many websites that feature good quality, wood and plastic trunks (in fun colors too!), as well as a variety of summer camp supplies. If you order your trunk/supplies from Everything Summer Camp, CJL will get a small return– thank you!


EXTRA STORAGE: The camper’s trunk should contain the bulk of her clothing. If your extra sheets, towels, blankets, rain gear and cool-weather clothes don't fit in your trunk, you can use a small plastic storage container to store these items under the bed. Anything less than 13" tall should fit easily under the bed.



Please make sure everything is labeled with the camper’s name! If you order your labels from Mabel’s Labels, CJL gets a small return– thank you!



During the middle weekend of each two-week session, campers may drop off their laundry for cleaning. The laundry is returned the next day. Please make sure everything is labeled with your child's name so that we can make sure it gets back to her. A flat fee (typically about $8) will be applied to the camper’s Trading Post bill for this service.



Foot care is very important when you live outdoors. At CJL, socks must be worn at all times, and no open shoes (no open toes or open heels) may be worn except between the tent and the shower. Sandals, clogs, and similar items are not permitted outside the unit.


Many campers find that sturdy tennis shoes do just fine. Some prefer boots. Those participating in horseback activities should have sturdy shoes or boots with heels about 1″ high; specialized riding boots are not required. The barn has a limited number of riding boots that campers can borrow. Many campers end up playing in the river at some point, so an old pair of tennis shoes might come in handy.


Waterproof Bed Cover

Each camper must have a piece of plastic or vinyl large enough to cover her bed during the day, approximately 9 feet by 5 feet. The cover goes over the pillow and bedding to protect from rain and humidity, and should be large enough to tuck under the mattress to keep it from blowing off. There are several options that will work:

  •  Vinyl Table Cloth— standard sizes range from 52"x 108" to 60"x 102"; rectangle (NOT oblong)
  • Fitted, Vinyl Mattress Protector— twin size; not padded
  • Plastic Drop Cloth—  heavy or medium weight, cut to size
  • Tarp, cut to size

* Many people prefer the vinyl table cloths and fitted mattress protectors because they are the easiest to tuck in.


Groundcover for Overnight

For TWO-WEEK sessions only: Each camper will need an additional piece of plastic or tarp to go on the ground, under her sleeping bag, during the overnight. The best type of plastic for the overnight is a heavy-duty plastic drop cloth or a tarp, cut to size. The plastic should be about 5 feet wide and 9 or 10 feet long. 


Things to Leave at Home

  • Cell phones and walkie-talkies are not permitted at camp under any circumstance. If a camper does arrive with these items, they will be held in the office safe until she leaves.
  • We ask that you please check your child’s belongings for any illegal items, such as drugs, alcohol, vapor products, e-cigarettes or tobacco products. If any of these items are found, you will be contacted and your daughter will be sent home immediately.
  • We strongly advise against bringing valuable items to camp, such as expensive watches and jewelry, money, iPads, iPods, Kindles, Nooks, laptops, and other electronic devices. We cannot assume responsibility for lost items, although a diligent effort will be made to help campers keep track of their belongings. Please note there is no electricity in the tents, and therefore, no way to re-charge electronics.
  • If campers wish to use electronic devices to listen to music, earphones should be used and wireless speakers should be kept at a low volume to preserve the peace and quiet of the natural setting. Cell phones are not allowed for the purpose of listening to music. Please note there is no way for campers to re-charge electronics.
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