CJL Camp Policies

Camp Juliette Low expects all campers to abide by the following policies while at camp. Failure to adhere to these policies could result in the camper being sent home. If you have any questions, please contact the camp's office at info@cjl.org. 


General Camp Rules

  1. Campers are not allowed to have animals, weapons, alcohol or drugs while at camp. If any of these items are found, the camper's parents will be contacted, and the camper will be sent home immediately. 
  2. Campers are to be respectful to their fellow camper. Bullying behavior is not acceptable. 
  3. Campers must wear socks and closed-toe, closed-heel shoes at all times, expect when within their unit.
  4. Campers should walk not run, expect when participating in activities on the Playing Field.
  5. Campers must not leave their unit for any reason without permission. Campers should use the "buddy system" when not with their unit/class. Campers must tell their counselors where they are going and why.
  6. Campers are encouraged and expected to maintain a high level of personal hygiene: body cleanliness, oral hygiene, proper amount of sleep, good nutritional eating habits, and daily confirmation of healthy status with the camp nurse. 
  7. Campers are encouraged to leave electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, tablets, video games) at home. All camper cell phones must be stored in the camp safe within the office until the end of the session.
  8. Campers are not allowed to keep food in their tents. We ask that parents not include food within care packages. Any food sent will need to be given to the counselors to be stored within a locked box. 
  9. Campers may only chew gum within their units. 
  10. Campers should not litter. Trash should never be thrown on the ground; not on paths, under or around buildings or tents. 
  11. Campers should treat their tents with care as they are their home while at camp: do not pin anything to tent walls, do not hang wet towels or clothing on the tent poles or ropes, do not write on the tent or furniture, do not spray any type of chemical (bug spray, hair spray, etc.) on the tent walls, do not use candles or other flammables within the tent, etc. 


Gender Policy


CJL will accept she/her and they/them pronouns. Those who identify themselves as using he/him pronouns are not eligible to be a camper or CIT. 


At this time, as CJL has not been faced with enrolling those assigned male at birth that identify as female, CJL will continue to study this issue and gather information. 


Updated COVID-19 Policy


Camp Juliette Low expects to return to normal “pre-COVID” operations at camp this summer. With this goal in mind, CJL strongly recommends that campers be “up-to-date” on COVID-19 vaccinations before coming to camp. What does “up-to-date” mean? According to the CDC website, your child will be up-to-date if she: 

  • Receives the primary series of two vaccine doses (at least 3 weeks apart) within the 2 months before camp, OR
  • Receives/has received the updated (bivalent) booster* at least 2 months after the primary series was completed.

*The bivalent booster that fights the Omicron variant of COVID-19 was recommended for children age 12+ starting in September 2022 and for children age 5+ starting in October 2022. If your child received a booster at that time or later, it was likely the bivalent booster, and the vaccination card will say “bivalent” next to the shot. If your child received an earlier booster that was not bivalent, a new booster is recommended.


You will need to upload all medical forms and other required forms one month before your child’s camp session, so plan accordingly. There will be a $50 late fee for all campers who have not successfully uploaded their forms by the deadline. The Campanion app for your phone is free and makes it very easy to scan and upload documents.


If your child develops a COVID-19 infection, your health care provider may recommend delaying a booster or vaccine dose for 3 months (90 days) after the infection. During that 3-month period of increased immunity, the child is considered “up-to-date.”


All campers are required to update their immunization record within the Health History form in CampInTouch. If you choose not to have your child vaccinated against COVID-19 or another childhood disease according to the vaccine schedules recommended by the CDC and APA, please complete and have your child’s health care provider sign the form titled “Request for Immunization Waiver” available within your CampInTouch account, under the Forms & Documents tab.

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