Work at CJL


Our goal at Camp Juliette Low is to give campers the joy of trying new skills, discovering new interests, and developing a deepened sense of leadership, responsibility and self-confidence. We strive to give each camper the opportunity to work in a team, make lasting friendships, exercise leadership and initiative, and gain a greater appreciation of her own strengths as an individual. We believe that the key to meeting this challenge is hiring and training great counselors!

In recruiting staff, Camp Juliette Low looks for safety-mindedness, high energy levels, and skill working with kids. A CJL counselor must have the ability to understand the needs of her campers and the emotional maturity to place their needs ahead of her own interests. She must have a sense of leadership, initiative, and imagination, coupled with the ability to work as a member of a group and cooperate with others. We look for young women with good moral character and integrity, who will lead by example and abide by the regulations outlined for staff members. The ability to enjoy living and working outdoors, and the enthusiasm to share that joy with the campers, are essential.

Camp Juliette Low has a total staff of about 40 trained personnel. The camp provides a ratio of one staff member to every four campers to ensure that campers will have individual attention while being encouraged to contribute her part to the group as a whole. See A Day in the Life for an idea of how CJL staff and campers spend a typical day at camp.

One week of staff training is mandatory for all new and returning staff. This week, called pre-camp, starts the Monday before first session begins. Pre-camp is a fun and informative week for counselors to learn about CJL: our goals, our traditions, and our daily routines. Staff are trained in risk management, safety, program areas, and camp-related skills. Most importantly, they learn how to have positive interactions with children and how to work as a team. By the end of pre-camp, our counselors are ready to give campers a safe and exciting summer at CJL!


If you love working with kids, and playing in the woods sounds like a fun way to spend the summer, then come join our team! All applicants must be college-aged or older. Click HERE to learn more about available positions. Staff applications are available HERE.


“Working at CJL is one of the most entertaining and empowering experiences you will ever have!”