Coming to Camp


Thinking about coming to camp? Here’s what you need to know...


Pick a Session


CJL runs one-week and two-week sessions throughout the summer. Girls ages 8 to 15 are welcome at all sessions except for 5-A and 5-B, which are limited to ages 8-10. Our 3-week counselor-in-training sessions are for girls ages 16-17. Visit the Summer Dates & Fees page for the summer schedule and pricing. 




Some sessions fill up quickly, so the earlier you get your application in, the better your chances are of getting the dates you want.


To register for a summer session, click HERE. You will be prompted to either log in or create a free CampMinder account. 


Upon receipt of your deposit, a confirmation email with a link to CJL’s Parent Information Packet will be sent to you, which includes packing instructions, mandatory medical forms, and directions to camp. 




Click HERE to find the printable packing lists and packing tips. Basically, assemble what you think you’ll need for your stay at camp, pack it all in a footlocker and bring it up the mountain!


For this summer, please add the following to the usual packing list:

  • Masks that snugly fit your child's face. They may be two-ply cloth or disposable. We suggest 15 per week to allow multiple changes during the day. Put names on them. CJL will provide a lanyard to help them keep up with the mask while it is removed for eating.
  • Bottle of hand sanitizer for use in the tent.
  • Lightweight folding chair in a bag for easy carrying - chairs will help with physical distancing. 


It's Time for Camp


When the time comes, join us at camp! CJL is located on Lookout Mountain in Northwest Georgia, about 30 miles north of Rome, Georgia, 40 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and 9 miles east of Mentone, Alabama. The camp address is: 321 Camp Juliette Low Road, Cloudland, GA 30731.


On Opening Day, there will be assigned staggered arrival times in 30-minute intervals from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm EASTERN TIME. Parents will be notified of their assigned time by email.


Opening Day


Check-in will be a drive-through process this summer. We recommend that just one parent come with the camper to limit exposure in the car. If friends ride together, all car passengers must wear masks during the entire trip. Pack carefully. Campers should be able to hand carry anything that is not packed in a trunk or plastic bin.


Parents will not get out of the car at camp unless that need to use the restroom. There will be no letter or package drop-off on Opening Day. You may wish to drop letters in the Post Office mailbox in Menlo on your way down the mountain.


Drive-Through Process (details may change):


1. Enter the gate. Wear a mask. 


2. On the entrance road, the car will be greeted by a masked staff member who will get the camper's name and confirm that necessary forms have been receieved. 


3. At the next stop, healthcare staff will take temperature and screen the camper for symptoms. The camper will get out of the car for a lice check. If the camper has lice, healthcare staff will discuss options. If all is well, the parent will drop off any medications, bagged with the Medication Instructions form. If discussion is needed with the healthcare supervisor or the camp director, the parent will be directed to drive into a separate area so traffic flow is not interrupted.


4. With the camper back in the car, the parent will be directed to drive to the luggage stop, where staff will unload luggage except for items that camper will hand carry to the tent. (Anyone who needs a restroom may use those behind the Staff House). 


5. The parent will then be directed to drive to the traffic circle. At the designated spot for her unit, the camper will leave the vehicle with stuff to be hand carried to the tent. The camper will be greeted by a counselor or CIT, wave good-bye to parent, and use hand sanitizer. 


6. Parent will leave via the exit road.


7. Counselors (or CITs assigned to the unit) will walk campers to units wearing masks. All will wash hands on entry to unit.


8. Trunks and bins will be delivered to the tents. Counselors or CITs will assist with bed making for the younger campers. Beds will be made with pillows towards the outside of the tent; campers will sleep “toe-to-toe.”


Closing Day 


Parents should arrive according to the same schedule on Opening Day. As on Opening Day, this will be a drive-through process, and the parents will not get out of the car unless they need to use the restroom. Parents must fill out a Permission for Emergency Pick-Up form if they would like their camper to be allowed to leave with someone other than the parent who dropped her off.


Special Arrangements


Campers who wish to fly in (some CJL campers come from as far away as Germany!) should contact the office to make arrangements.


We hope you’ll join us! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at  

Summer Office
321 Camp Juliette Low Road
Cloudland, GA 30731
Business Office
PO Box 5113
Marietta, GA 30061