Camper Emails and Photos


Email your Camper through CampInTouch


Campers love hearing from home! Parents and other friends/family members are able to email campers while they are at CJL. Our Trading Post lady will print off the emails each morning (with exception of Sundays) and then they will be distributed to the campers after lunch during mail call. 


In order to send your camper an email, you must login to your CampInTouch account. Once logged in, scroll all the way to the bottom of your home dashboard and click on the "Debit/Credit Card for CampStamps & Photos" icon. You must input payment information that will be used to purchase CampStamps and photos. This is separate from the credit card information that you put on file to pay your camp tuition. 


Once you have input your payment information, please return to the home dashboard and find the "CampStamps" icon. From here, you will be able to view your CampStamps balance and purchase additional CampStamps if needed. 


Now that you have input your payment information and purchased CampStamps, you are ready to send your camper an email. Return to the home dashboard and scroll down until you see the "Email" icon. From here, you will be able to customize your email with text, fun designs and games. 


Click send and wait for your camper's reply via snail mail. 


See Photos of your Camper


Each day CJL will be posting a series of photos that highlight all of the fun happening at camp. This is a great way for you to see what your camper is up to and then save those memories for when your camper returns home. 


In order to view the photo gallery, please login to your CampInTouch account using the same login information used when registering your camper, updating/uploading forms, and making payments. You will then see the "Photo" icon within your home dashboard. From there, you will select an album to browse through. There will be a separate album for each day of camp.


If you would like to purchase multiple downloads, prints and/or gifts, please click on the yellow button labeled "Select Multiple Photos." This will allow you to select all of your favorites at one time instead of adding them to your cart individually. If you would like to order just one photo download, then hover your mouse over that photo and click the download icon in the bottom left-hand corner. From there, it will prompt you about payment methods. 


Once a photo download has been purchased, you will be able to re-download that photo to any and all of your devices by visiting your "Favorites" folder. 


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