Trading Post


The Camp Juliette Low Trading Post is open most days after lunch and dinner. Girls may purchase candy or ice cream after lunch and supplies and sundries (batteries, stamps, etc.) after dinner.


It is suggested that parents leave $50 per session on deposit with the CJL Trading Post. In addition, parents may decide if their child will be allowed to purchase clothing and other bigger-ticket items during the session. Unless that is explicitly allowed, girls are limited to candy and supplies. This deposit also covers laundry and craft supply charges.


In order to expedite the check-in process this summer, the Trading Post will be accepting pre-orders. If you would like to order any CJL merchandise beforehand, please fill out and upload this form within your CampMinder account. All purchases will be charged to your Trading Post account. Items selected will be waiting for your camper in their units on Opening Day.


If you would like to view the selections, check out @campjuliettelowtradingpost on Instagram.  


Do not worry; the Trading Post will still be open during the session for campers to purchase supplies. 


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