Job Descriptions


Camp Juliette Low has a total staff of about 40 trained personnel. All CJL staff are CPR certified. In addition to a base salary, salary credits are given for education, work experience, and certifications like First Aid, Water Safety Instructor, and Lifeguard training. One week of staff training is mandatory for all new and returning staff. This week, called pre-camp, starts the Monday before first session begins. Salaries are available upon request. 

Unit Staff


Unit Counselor

Each unit has four to five counselors that are responsible for overseeing 28 campers. Much like the campers, counselors live in platform tents within the units. They should love working with children and spending time in the outdoors. In addition to accompanying their unit to programs and meals, they will also be responsible for teaching, or assisting specialists who teach, one or more of the camp's daily activities. 


Unit Leader

Each unit has one unit leader that is responsible for supervising unit counselors - delegating jobs, guiding them in their work, arranging schedules of duties and time off. They represent their unit at the daily Unit Leader/Director meeting and are responsible for recordkeeping, unit sanitation, and care of supplies/equipment. Getting to know each camper and helping them to get the most out of their camp experience is a primary focus - helping campers to appreciate and accept each other and to learn new skills that will add to their self-esteem, competence, and security. 

Program Staff

Program Area Directors report to the Camp Director. Desired qualifications are that applicants be at least 21 years of age and have advanced certification and/or experience in their specific field. The CJL program staff live in platform tents within "Olympus," our adult-only unit. All program staff is also expected to help with office duties, as needed. 


Crafts Director

The Crafts Director is responsible for planning and carrying out craft programming, embodying creativity and imagination. Outlining and enforcing measures for craft safety is a primary concern. They are also in charge of inventorying existing equipment and presenting requisitions for necessary equipment before camp opens and during camp sessions. 


Horseback Director

The Horseback Director is responsible for overseeing a team of three to four Horseback Assistants and a barn of twelve horses. They must plan and carry out horseback riding programming, including at least two rides per week, per camper, weather permitting. This necessitates dividing the campers into groups based on skill level and experience. Outlining and enforcing measures for horseback safety is a primary concern in addition to taking care of the horses and barn equipment. 


Lake (small craft) Director

The Lake Director oversees all programming at the lake, including canoeing, sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding. They are required to have their Lifeguard Certification. Outlining and enforcing safety measures is a primary concern. In addition to inventorying and maintaining equipment, they are responsible for teaching lake classes and coordinating all trips and activities related to boating. They will also work with the Pool Director to coordinate safety and guard at the Swimming Hole during unit or camp-wide visits. 


Pool Director

The Pool Director oversees all programming at the pool, including swimming and diving. They are required to have their Lifeguard Certification. Outlining and enforcing safety measures is a primary concern. In addition to inventorying and maintaining equipment, they are also responsible for the upkeep of the pool and monitoring chemical levels. They will also work with the Lake Director to coordinate safety and guard at the Swimming Hole during unit or camp-wide visits. 


Project Adventure Director/Challenge Course Facilitator 

The Project Adventure Director oversees all challenge course programming, including the low ropes elements, the climbing wall, and the six high ropes elements. They lead a two-week leadership and teamwork course for our older campers. Certification in Project Adventure or Challenge Course Facilitation is required, as safety of campers and staff is the primary concern. 

Administration/Office Staff

The CJL office staff live within "Olympus," our adult-only unit and report to the Camp Director. 


Program Director

The Program Director is in charge of planning and executing all general camp programs and activities. They are there as a resource for the unit staff to help plan unit activities and classes. In addition to programming, they are also responsible for helping with general office tasks as needed. 


Trading Post

The Trading Post Supervisor runs the CJL Trading Post, which acts as the camp store and post office. They are in charge of purchasing and make frequent trips into town. 


Photo/Social Media Coordinator

The Photo/Social Media Coordinator reports to the Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator. They are responsible for capturing photos and videos of campers daily, so that they can be uploaded onto CampInTouch for parents to view. Additionally, they write the daily blog and any updates for parents. Applicants should have strong writing and photography skills. 

Kitchen Staff

The CJL kitchen staff live in the "Cooks Cabin" which has electricity and access to internet. Some members of the kitchen staff live close to camp and choose to commute each day. 


Head Dietician

The Head Dietician supervises the kitchen, assists in hiring cooks, plans menus, manages the budget, and is in charge of ordering. 


Food Service Supervisor

The Food Service Supervisor reports to the Head Dietician. Their job is to help supervise and train a team of five to seven food service personnel. They are responsible for quantity and quality control in food production. They assist the Head Dietician in the upkeep of kitchen equipment and storage areas. All Food Service Supervisors are ServSafe Certified. 


Food Service Operator

The kitchen staff is made up of five to seven Food Service Operators, who perform all main line food production duties, including preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning. They help to maintain food production equipment and keep the kitchen clean and organized. Applicants do not need to have kitchen experience, but it is preferred. They will be trained on the job, but they should be able to stand for extended amounts of time, lift and carry heavy objects, and have good communication skills. All Food Service Operators are ServSafe Certified. 

Nursing Staff


The CJL nursing staff is made up of a Health Supervisor and assistant. The Health Supervisor must be a licensed registered nurse in the state of Georgia with current experience with children's ailments. They are in charge of initiating a program of health education and safety practices, caring for the physical well-being of everyone in camp, and reviewing all health forms of incoming campers and staff. They must also keep records up to date and supervise sanitation throughout camp. 

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