Job Descriptions


Camp Juliette Low has a total staff of about 40 trained personnel, including 16 unit counselors. All CJL staff are CPR certified. Salary credits are given for for education, work experience, and certifications like CPR, First Aid, Water Safety Instructor, and Lifeguard training. One week of staff training is mandatory for all new and returning staff. This week, called pre-camp, starts the Monday before first session begins. CJL’s pay schedule is available upon request.


Program Staff


A number of camp’s activities require specialized staff. All water activities (pool and lake) and the ropes course require staff that are both skilled in those areas and certified in their safety procedures. Other program areas (horseback, field games, archery, outdoor crafts and skills) require the abilities, but not necessarily the certifications, since there tend to be no certifying agencies associated with them. The program staff do not usually live in the units with the campers since their responsibilities lie more with their program facilities and equipment; rather they live in a staff-only unit called Olympus.


Unit Staff


At camp, a strict 4:1 or lower ratio between campers and counselors is maintained, so CJL needs a large number of unit staff. These counselors will help out at the program areas, but are typically not in charge of them. Four unit counselors are assigned to each unit. They sleep in a separate counselor’s tent and have a great deal of contact with the kids in their unit, especially during afternoon and evening activities. During morning classes and meals, unit counselors interact with campers from every unit. In general, unit counselors act as surrogate parents, so a love for and skill with the kids is absolutely vital.

Our unit counselors do an amazing job– they work tirelessly and enthusiastically to ensure that CJL campers have fun and make lasting friendships. We feel fortunate that a great majority of our counselors were once CJL campers who went through our counselor-in-training program before coming on staff. This means that our counselors are extremely knowledgeable about camp traditions, procedures, and rules, and they are excited to pass on the “magic” of CJL to their campers– the way their counselors did for them.


Of course, being a former CJL camper and CIT is by no means a prerequisite for being on staff! Every year, we hire young women who bring new ideas, skills, songs, games and fun to CJL! We are a diverse and welcoming team– what we all have in common is our love for CJL and the desire to prepare girls for confident living and leadership.

Medical Staff


Traditionally, the “camp nurse” has been a registered nurse, but licensed physicians are welcome on staff as well. A medical professional is needed for each session.


Kitchen Staff


We’ve seen our dietician feed 100+ people by herself, but that doesn’t mean she likes to do it alone! Each year staff are needed to help in the kitchen, which involves cooking, cleaning, and helping unit staff get ready for cookouts. For the person looking for a paid summer in the mountains among, but not in permanent contact with, scores of happy children, this can be a very rewarding time. People of diverse backgrounds have enjoyed working in our kitchen: current and retired cafeteria workers, college students, international exchange students, and even alumnae.


If you want to be a part of our experienced team, please get in touch or send in an application. We’d love to hear from you!


“Working here gave me the confidence to stand in front of groups and lead.”


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