Camp Juliette Low is located on Lookout Mountain in northwest Georgia– one of the most beautiful areas in the southeast. The camp property encompasses more than 330 acres of mountaintop forestland, and nearly a mile of the middle fork of the Little River. The original 10 acres of the camp, founded in 1922, include historic landmarks such as the Juliette Low Lodge, the bell and pump house, the soft rocks, Sunday School Rock, the swinging bridge, and the swimming hole. Other places you’ll visit at camp include the dining hall, Bidwell Lodge (and indoor climbing wall), the office/trading post, the infirmary, the craft house, the barn and riding ring, the pool, the tennis courts, the ropes course, the archery field, the lake, and Old Four Winds. CJL campers live in sturdy, four-person platform tents grouped by age into units of about 28 girls. Each unit has its own shower and toilet facility, as well as a sheltered fire area and a “unit kitchen” for cook-outs. Counselors-in-training live in cabins.



What’s New?

CJL is always making improvements around camp. Here are a few of our latest projects...


CJL introduced a new high ropes element in 2014: the "Lily Pads." The Lily Pads are both thrilling and challenging, but what we like best is that every girl can be involved and active while one girl is in the air. The new element was purchased with funds donated by the CJL Alumnae Association.


Romany and Oakledge got updated bathroom facilities in 2015. The bathroom facilities in these units will now include a fourth shower stall, and the trough-style sinks have been replaced with individual sinks. They look great!


Four Winds, the unit that houses our counselors-in-training (ages 16 and 17), has new cabins. The new cabins were designed by alumna Architect Julie Saunders McDaniel – they’re a bit bigger than the old cabins and have better ventilation. The first new cabin was constructed for the summer of 2013, and a total of five new cabins were completed by the summer of 2015.


Thanks to the generous donations of CJL alums, a new Laurel Ledge unit kitchen was constructed in 2017! Located between the Soft Rocks and Little River, Laurel Ledge was a unit for CJL’s oldest campers. It was used from the late 1960s until 1977. Even after the unit closed, the Laurel Ledge unit kitchen continued to be used as a program area for many years. Finally, the structure was torn down due to safety concerns, except for the original fireplace, which was saved and could be seen for several years standing near the Soft Rocks. The new Laurel Ledge unit kitchen is very similar to the original structure and will be used by classes, units, and for Saturday night dinners.


In 2018, the kitchen and infirmary got beautiful, new stainless steel counter tops with funds paid for
partially by our wonderful alumnae. In addition, the infirmary got a new floor and total bathroom renovation.


In 2019, our main construction project was the expansion of the office and trading post, including a new, wide front porch. In addition, the dining hall got a new roof, insulation and exhaust fans to help keep our campers cool in the summer heat, and our oldest camper unit, Glen, got new tent platforms and footings. 


In 2020, the tent platforms and footings were replaced in Sherwood, the dining hall got a new floor, and the playing field was graded and re-sodded


In 2021, an attached covered porch named "The Overlook" was added to the dining hall in order to create additional eating spaces amidst Covid-19. Additionally, we constructed four new platforms tents around the Infirmary and within Olympus

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