Mail and Care Packages



Cheerful letters and care packages from home mean a lot to campers! Mail is distributed in the unit every day at rest hour– it’s an exciting time, and every camper loves to hear her name being called! Parents can stay connected to their campers by sending letters, care packages, and/or emails. Due to space limitations, we request that each camper receive no more than one care package per week.


Letters and Care Packages


Our Summer Mailing Address:


Camper’s Name - Unit Name
Camp Juliette Low
321 Camp Juliette Low Road
Cloudland, Georgia 30731


* Please include unit name if you know it. Your camper will receive her mail even if it’s not included; it’s just helpful to us.




Because our mail is routed through Chattanooga, it is quite slow getting in and out of Cloudland. Therefore, if you’d like your daughter to receive mail early in her first week of camp, it’s a good idea to mail at least one letter a few days before she arrives at camp. You are also welcome to drop letters off at the trading post on opening day after your daughter is settled into her unit– just write on the envelope which day of the week you’d like the letter delivered, and we’ll take care of it! Please note that during a one-week session, mail may not actually reach you from camp before you come to pick up your daughter.


Campers can purchase stamps, CJL postcards and stationary at the trading post. Any letter-writing supplies brought to camp– stamps, envelopes, stationary– should be packed in a zip-lock plastic bag to protect against dampness. Pre-addressed, stamped envelopes are quite helpful, especially for the younger campers.


Care Packages


When sending mail to your camper, we ask that you please DO NOT send food or candy. Not only would we like to ensure that our campers eat well-balanced meals each day, but food left in tents– even in foot-lockers and plastic containers– is very attractive to nature’s “critters.” Therefore, to maintain the safety and integrity of tent living, if food and/or candy are sent or brought to camp, it will be taken up by the counselors.


Not sure what to send? With a bit of creative imagination, an exciting care package could contain such items as books, magazines, games, stuffed animals, small toys, puzzles, bubbles, and similar “Dollar Store” treats. Due to space limitations, we request that each camper receive no more than one care package per week.


CJL has teamed with Sealed With A Kiss (–an online care package store– to provide parents with an easy way to send fun and creative care packages to their campers. Check out their website for ideas and inspiration, or let them do the work for you. You can design your own care package from 700+ unique items or choose from one of their 30+ pre-built care packages. Camp gets a small return for every care package sold.


Email Your Camper


Although campers thoroughly enjoy receiving hand-written mail, we know there are times when a quick note by email is a good thing! You can send an email to your camper at any time of day (by midnight), and it will be delivered with the regular mail the very next day after lunch. Email service is not available to our campers; instead, they’re encouraged to write letters, so make sure you send your daughter with plenty of stationary and stamps!




CJL is excited to announce a new partnership with CampMinder that will allow parents to send emails to their campers-- details coming soon!


Summer Office
321 Camp Juliette Low Road
Cloudland, GA 30731
Winter Office
PO Box 5113
Marietta, GA 30061