Board of Trustees


The Camp Juliette Low Board of Trustees includes about 25 dedicated women and men who volunteer their time, talents, and resources to ensure that the camp is funded, maintained, equipped, and staffed to meet its goals. Board members have varied skills and backgrounds, ranging from construction management to education to law. All share a love of camp, and many are former campers and staff members whose husbands now love CJL as much as they do. Though the Board meets formally twice a year, most members have camp “on the brain” at all times, attending work weekends, participating in special projects, organizing Parent-Daughter Weekends, etc. Eighty percent of the current Board members have sent their own daughters, granddaughters and nieces to CJL.



Chairman of the Board - Sarah Saunders Hardaker

Past Chariman of the Board - Lizzie McSween Jury

Vice Chairman of the Board - Bryn Gaddy Adamson

Secretary - Peggy Kelley Holbrook

Treasurer - Jim Johnson

Property Manager - Mike Kile 


Camp Committee

The Camp Committee currently includes about twenty-five members who support and advise the Board in matters of camp operations. Like the Board, the Camp Committee consists of volunteers who love camp and are willing to work hard and contribute their own special talents, whether in the area of program planning, staff training, computer support, camper recruitment, or on-site maintenance and repairs. Many Camp Committee members have daughters who have been or will soon be campers at CJL.


Board of Trustees and Camp Committee -- 2021



Summer Office
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Business Office
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