Parent Information Kit/FAQ


The Parent Information Kit provides parents with details about camp procedures, links to helpful information, and answers to parents' most frequently asked questions. Click on the heading to expand and collapse each selection.


Arrival Time on Opening Day


We would appreciate having your daughter arrive at Camp between 9:00 am and 11:00 am Central Time  (10:00 am-12:00 pm Eastern Time) so that the check-in process can be completed and your daughter can be settled into her unit by noon. Campers will begin CJL’s organized activities with lunch.


What do I need to bring with me to check-in?


When you arrive at camp on opening day, you’ll park your car and come to Bidwell Lodge to check-in. Here’s what you’ll need at check-in:

  • Health Forms: If you have not already uploaded your camper’s health form and copy of your insurance card, please bring them to check-in. There are two mandatory health forms: one that can be completed by a parent online, and one that requires a current doctor’s signature, which can be download from CampMinder or our website HERE.
  • Photocopy of your health insurance card if you have not already uploaded a copy to CampMinder
  • Medications (in blister packs) to leave with the nurse.  More information about medications is available HERE.
  • Trading Post Deposit: if you haven’t already made your trading post deposit online, bring a check, cash, or credit card with you to check-in.
  • Emergency Contact Information: at check-in, you will be asked to fill out an Emergency Pick Up form in case you are not able to pick up your child from camp, so be prepared to provide phone #s for 1-2 people who have permission to pick up your camper in case of an emergency.


Opening Day Procedures


Check-in is between 9:00 am and 11:00 am Central Time (10:00 am-12:00 pm Eastern Time)

  1. Once you drive through the camp entrance, you will be greeted in your vehicle and told your camper’s unit. Campers staying in any unit except Romany and Four Winds will drop off their trunks at that time to be delivered while they register. (We recommend having your camper’s trunk easily accessible so that it can be removed quickly.) Then you will park and go to Bidwell Lodge to start the check-in process.
  2. In Bidwell, your daughter will receive her unit and tent assignment and, if you have not already done so, you will make a deposit to your daughter’s trading post account. Final payments of balance are due on or before May 1. Those who register after May 1 will be expected to pay in full. Receipts are available through your CampMinder account.
  3. Next, if your daughter would like to sign up for horseback riding, the horseback director will discuss with your daughter her level of riding ability. You will also complete an emergency pick-up permission slip and an optional out-of-camp permission slip (if your daughter is eligible to go with her unit out of camp).  You should have a list of emergency contacts handy to expedite this process.
  4. A counselor will accompany you and your daughter to the Infirmary where you will talk with the nurse, and your daughter will have her head checked for lice. At this time, please bring to the camp nurse any medications (packaged in blister packs) that your daughter may be taking. Campers are not allowed to keep any type of medication in their tents. The nurse will also go over the information on the health form, which must have a doctor's signature for the current year.
  5. You will then visit the Trading Post to purchase a camp uniform T-shirt if she doesn’t have one.  Other camp gear will also be available for purchase.
  6. Then you are off to the unit to unpack and settle in!  If your camper is in Romany or Four Winds, you can drive just outside the unit to unpack your items—expect a short walk to your camper’s tent. For campers in the other units, you should have already dropped off your camper’s trunk to be delivered to her tent (but if you haven’t already done so, do it now). You will be responsible for carrying all your other items to your camper’s tent—be prepared for a slightly longer walk and pack your items accordingly. There will be several carts available to help move your camper’s items. If you wish to help your daughter make her bed, we recommend that you DO NOT pack her linens in her trunk.
  7. Camp Tour – A guided tour is offered at 11:00 am CDT for those parents and campers who are interested. The tour will start at Bidwell. Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.
  8. The campers will be called to lunch at 12:45 pm CDT. Parents are asked to plan to leave before lunch, which is served at 1:00 pm CDT.


Pick Up Times and Procedures


On closing day, pick up is between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm Central Time (that's 10:00 am and 1:00 pm Eastern Time).

  1. Parents will be greeted at the camp entrance and directed to their camper’s unit. If your camper is in Romany or Four Winds, you can drive straight to the unit. Parents of campers in other units will park and walk to their camper’s unit.
  2. Trunks will be available for pick-up in Bidwell (where you checked in), except for the trunks of campers in Romany and Four Winds, which remain in the unit.  
  3. Stop by the trading post to fill out a short parent survey, look over the lost-and-found, settle your trading post account, and pick up medications. CJL “gear” will also be available for purchase at this time. On closing day, the camp director, and in many cases the business manager, will be available in the camp office located in the same building as the trading post.


Payment of Fees

  • A deposit of $150 per session, per camper is due with your application. If you have registered your daughter before May 1, your balance of fees is due May 1. If you have registered after May 1, the total fees are due with the application.
  • Online payments can be made through your CampMinder account, and payments by check can be mailed to CJL’s winter office. More information about how to make a payment is available HERE.
  • We recommend a Trading Post deposit of at least $50 per session, which can be paid through CampMinder when you register your camper, or when you arrive at camp.

How do I change my camper's session or cancel her registration?


If you need to change or cancel your registration (summer camp, Parent-Daughter Weekend, Reunion, etc), please contact the camp office. Changes or withdrawal from a session must be made in writing (, but feel free to give us a call first if you have questions. If your camper is not able to attend summer camp, we appreciate notification as soon as possible, as it will affect tenting. Additionally, we usually have a wait list for our summer sessions and Parent-Daughter Weekend, and would like to give someone else the opportunity to attend CJL!



  • If for any reason you decide to withdraw your daughter from a session, or need to make changes in her session, please call the winter office—or the summer office if camp is in session—to let us know as far ahead of time as possible. We usually have a waiting list for each session and would like to give someone else the opportunity to attend CJL. Note that parents can ADD a session for their camper through CampMinder, but they can not cancel or change a session. You will also be asked to submit the withdrawal or changes in your daughter's sessions in writing (by email)--
  • After May 1 there will be no refunds of camp fees except in limited circumstances according to camp policy; a copy of the refund policy will be provided on request.
  • The $150.00 deposit is nonrefundable in all cases, with the exception of scholarship applicants.


Trading Post


It is recommended that parents deposit $50 per week in their daughter’s Trading Post account.

  • Please pay your Trading Post deposit online. If you make a payment within 1-2 days of your arrival at camp, it is helpful to print a copy of your CampMinder statement to bring to check-in.
  • You may also pay your trading post deposit by check, cash, or credit card when you arrive at camp.

All unused money will be refunded to you when you pick up your daughter on closing day. Likewise, if your daughter exceeds her Trading Post deposit, the balance will be due at pick-up. We try to help campers stay within their budgets, but the Trading Post staff cannot be held responsible for monitoring each camper’s spending. This is a great opportunity to talk with your daughter about responsible spending. Please help her to understand that it is NOT necessary to purchase an item every time the Trading Post opens.


More information about the trading post is available HERE.


Where is Camp Juliette Low located?


CJL is located on Lookout Mountain in Northwest Georgia, about 30 miles north of Rome, Georgia, 40 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and 9 miles east of Mentone, Alabama.


The camp’s address is:

Camp Juliette Low
321 Camp Juliette Low Road
Cloudland, GA 30731


Driving times:

  • Chattanooga, TN – approximately 1 hour
  • Huntsville – approximately 1.5 hours
  • Atlanta -- approximately 2 hours
  • Birmingham – approximately 2 hours
  • Nashville – approximately 2.5 hours

Campers from outside the southeast may wish to fly into Atlanta (please contact the winter office for details).


Contact Camp


Email is a great way to contact CJL:

CJL has a summer office at camp that is open while camp is in session, and a winter office in Marietta, Georgia, that operates the rest of the year. Phone numbers, fax numbers and addresses for our summer and winter offices are available HERE.


What to Bring and How to Pack It! (trunks, laundry and more)


Information about What to Bring— labels, laundry, shoes, waterproof bed cover, weather at camp, and how to pack all your stuff— is available HERE.


Printable Packing Lists

Packing Tips and Ideas


Because campers live out of their trunks for the time that they are with us, packing well and being organized (or at least starting off that way!) really help to make a camper’s stay more enjoyable.


  • TRUNKS: Pack your daughters’ clothes in a traditional footlocker or Rubbermaid trunk rather than a suitcase (if possible). We do not have facilities for storing clothing and the girls live out of their trunks. Trunks help keep out moisture and make clothes easy to access.
  • OLD CLOTHES: Please do not send your daughter’s best shorts, shirts or jeans—clothes may get dirty and worn.
  • ZIP LOCK BAGS: Use large,1 or 2 gallon zip lock bags to pack an outfit for each day (1 bag = shirt, shorts, underwear and socks). This is a good idea particularly for the younger girls who seem to want to change clothes several times a day. TIP: Pack one zip lock bag with 2 or 3 extra shirts and shorts, and one with some extra socks and underwear. Save the bags to reuse next year!
  • SHOES: Tennis shoes or other sturdy, lace-up shoes with closed toes and closed backs are necessary to protect against twisted ankles and stumped toes. Campers are also required to wear socks to prevent blisters. Flip-flops are only allowed inside the unit for use in the showers; they are not suitable for wearing around camp. TIP: Old, slip-on runners are great for wearing to the pool each afternoon. Boots for horseback riding should have a 1” heel and a smooth sole. The barn has about 20 pairs of riding boots that campers can borrow.
  • FLASHLIGHTS: A good, working flashlight with fresh batteries is an absolute necessity—and don’t forget a supply of extra batteries! TIP: It never hurts to have a back-up flashlight! Small, LED flashlights that can fit in your pocket are easy to carry around during evening activities. Many girls bring small, battery-operated lanterns to light their tents at night.
  • WATERPROOF BED COVER: A piece of plastic or vinyl (approximately 9 feet by 4 feet) will be used to cover a camper’s bed to protect the bed and blankets from moisture or rain. TIP: If the plastic is too thick or too thin, it can be hard to tuck in. Vinyl, felt-backed tablecloths (108” x 54”) are easy to tuck in and come in fun colors and designs. Vinyl, twin-size mattress protectors work well too.
  • For 2-week campers, WATERPROOF GROUND COVER: Campers coming for 2 weeks will need an additional piece of plastic or vinyl for the overnight (9’x5’). TIP: For the overnight, plastic drop cloths and tarps work best. 
  • SHOWER BUCKET: A small plastic shower bucket will be helpful for carrying shampoo and other items back and forth to the shower.  TIP: Make sure the bucket has holes in the bottom to let the water drain.


Things to Leave at Home


  • Cell phones and walkie-talkies are not permitted at camp under any circumstance. If a camper does arrive with either of these items, they will be held in the office safe until she leaves.
  • We ask that you please check your child’s belongings for any illegal items, such as drugs, alcohol, vapor products, e-cigarettes or tobacco products. If any of these items are found, you will be contacted and your daughter will be sent home immediately.
  • We strongly advise against bringing valuable items to camp, such as expensive watches and jewelry, money, iPads, iPods, Kindles, Nooks, laptops, and other electronic devices. We cannot assume responsibility for lost items, although a diligent effort will be made to help campers keep track of their belongings. Please note there is no electricity in the tents, and therefore, no way to re-charge electronics.
  • If campers wish to use electronic devices to listen to music, earphones should be used and wireless speakers should be kept at a low volume to preserve the peace and quiet of the natural setting. Cell phones are not allowed for the purpose of listening to music. Please note there is no way for campers to re-charge electronics.


Health Forms are Mandatory—and require a doctor’s signature


There are two health forms-- one which the parents complete online and one for the medical professional to complete and upload to CampMinder, available HERE.


Each camper must have a fully completed Health Form signed by a medical professional within the current year. This does not mean that your daughter has to have a new check-up if she has had one in the past 24 months, but the medical professional must sign the form attesting that the check-up was done within 24 months and on what date.


If a girl comes to Camp Juliette Low this summer and does not have a complete health form with immunization records and a medical professional’s signature, then you will need to take her down to the Urgent Care in Summerville or to your own doctor to get the health form completed before she can stay the session with us.


We would like to receive your camper’s health forms by May 1. The camper health history can be filled out online by a parent. The Camper Healthcare Recommendations form must be printed, filled out by a doctor, and uploaded through CampMinder. Of course, we will also accept your health form on opening day, but we appreciate your effort to get them to us beforehand! Please do not mail, email or fax the forms to the camp office.


Medications—Blister Packs


All non-rescue medications are held in the Infirmary and dispensed by the camp nurse (RN or licensed physician).


To improve the efficiency and accuracy of administering medication at camp, Camp Juliette Low requires that all prescription and over-the-counter oral medications that are taken daily be supplied in unit-dose (blister pack) containers labeled with the camper’s name and the time of administration. This includes all medications and vitamin supplements.


Most pharmacies can dispense medications in blister packs; some will repackage existing medications, but please check with your pharmacy for specifics. Some blister packed medications have short expirations, so check with your pharmacy to see when you should pick up your medication. Please bring only enough for your camper’s stay at camp.


Non-pill medications like inhalers, creams, ointments, epi-pens, and liquids can be in their original packaging, but must be individually labeled with the pharmacy prescription label.


Common medications, such as pain relievers and antihistamines (a full list is on our health forms), are stocked in our Infirmary and dispensed by the camp nurse as needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring these types of medications to camp.


Special Dietary Needs


Meals at CJL are prepared by our trained dietitian and staff, and are served family-style in the camp dining hall. Given adequate notice, we can accommodate campers who are vegetarian and have moderate food allergies and sensitivities, and we work to help these girls become strong self-advocates for their needs.


When you register for camp using our online application, you will have the opportunity to provide detailed information about any special dietary needs or restrictions for your camper (vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten free, food allergies, diabetic, etc.). If your camper has food allergies, please indicate the severity of each allergy.


Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to accommodate all special diets.  We do not serve vegan, kosher, or Paleo meals, and we are unable to ensure a dye-free diet or avoid cross contamination in the kitchen for those with very severe food allergies.


Please notify the camp of any special dietary needs as soon as possible but no later than one month prior to your camper’s arrival. Gluten free diets will incur a $25/week fee to defray the costs of preparing special meals. The fee will be added after your application is received, and you will be notified at that time.


If you have any questions, please contact the camp office-- 770-428-1062 or


Head Lice Policy


Head lice can be a problem in the best of homes, schools and camps. As you know, it’s not unusual to receive a note from school asking you to check your child’s head due to an affected classmate. In a group living situation such as camp, head lice can be an extreme nuisance to campers and staff, requiring many hours of head checking, shampooing, and laundering.


As a precaution, the nurse will check heads on arrival at camp. If lice are found, your daughter can be treated immediately at camp, but you will be asked to take all of her bedding and her belongings out of camp to a laundromat for washing. To avoid this inconvenience, we ask that you please check your child’s head thoroughly before she comes to camp.


How do you check? Adult lice are very small and pinkish grey and are difficult to detect. They like to live behind the ears and along the nape of the neck. You may find nits instead. Nits are hard, white lice eggs that look like a terrible case of dandruff. Dandruff comes off easily; nits do not. If you think you’ve found something, contact your pediatrician for treatment procedures.


Our goal is not to allow any lice into camp!! However, remind your child that it is NOT a good idea to share hats, headbands, brushes, combs, pillow, etc. The camp will do its part by spraying riding and climbing helmets between uses, as well as any “dress-up” hats that may be used by the general camp population. Keep in mind that lice are “equal opportunity parasites” and are not a sign of poor hygiene at home, school, or camp. They are, however, a nuisance that we would like to avoid.


Mail and Care Packages


Happy and cheerful letters from home mean a lot to the campers! Mail is distributed in the unit every day at rest hour– it’s an exciting time, and every camper loves to hear her name being called! Parents can stay connected to their campers by sending letters, care packages, and/or emails. Due to space limitations, we request that each camper receive no more than one care package per week.


Our camp mailing address is:

Campers Name - Unit Name
Camp Juliette Low
321 Camp Juliette Low Road
Cloudland, Georgia 30731


* Please include unit name if you know it. Your camper will receive her mail even if it’s not included, it’s just helpful to us.


More information about sending letters, care packages, and emails is available HERE.


No Food Policy


Please help us keep critters out of camp by leaving food and candy at home. Raccoons and other animals have become experts at finding treats—even in trunks and plastic containers. Because of this, we are asking that NO FOOD of any type be sent in care packages or brought to camp. This includes candy, gum, granola bars, and treats of all types. The campers will, of course, still be able to purchase a candy or ice cream after lunch each day so their sweet cravings can be satisfied. We also offer a snack during the morning hours, between classes. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Preparing Your Daughter for Camp/ Coping with Homesickness


At Camp Juliette Low we are aware of the homesick feelings that some of our campers have, and consider it to be a normal process of growing up and being away from home. Our counselors learn to recognize and help girls with homesick feelings. The combination of a warm, supportive environment and a busy schedule of activities will help most girls get over their anxieties very quickly—usually within a day or two. Our counselors are great at helping campers through this period of adjustment, helping them to become happy at camp and actively involved in the program. The Camp Director will contact you if your daughter is homesick after the first day or two of camp—together, we will work on a plan to help your daughter adjust to camp life.


Tips to help your daughter prepare for camp and cope with potential homesickness are available HERE.


Summer Office
321 Camp Juliette Low Road
Cloudland, GA 30731
Winter Office
PO Box 5113
Marietta, GA 30061