Camper Health: Forms and Medications


Infirmary and Nursing Staff

Camp Juliette Low has a modern, well-equipped Infirmary, staffed by a licensed registered nurse or physician who lives in the Infirmary and are on-call 24 hours a day. All girls check in daily with the nursing staff, even if it's to tell her how great they feel. Most of our Infirmary visits are for very minor conditions and are treated at camp. If the service of a local doctor is necessary, the parents concerned are responsible for the medical expenses.


Health Forms

There are six health-related forms that need to be completed and uploaded within the Campanion App or your CampInTouch account as soon as able. We do ask that you complete and/or upload these forms at least four weeks prior to your arrival at camp. The medical forms are especially important in case healthcare staff need to contact you to discuss medications or special needs prior to arrival.


  • Health History with Vaccination Record
  • Camper Healthcare Recommendations
  • Mental, Emotional and Social Health Evaluation
  • Copy of Insurance Card & Permission to Treat
  • Medication Instructions (if applicable)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Card (up-to-date)


Each camper must have a completed Health Form signed by a medical professional within the current year. This does not mean that your daughter has to have a new check-up if she has had one in the past 24 months, but the medical professional must sign the form attesting that the check-up was done within 24 months and on what date.


If a girl comes to Camp Juliette Low and does not have a complete health form with immunization records and a medical professional’s signature, then you will need to take her down to the Urgent Care in Summerville or to your own doctor to get the health form completed before she can stay the session with us.


Covid-19 Updated Protocols

As we plan for Summer 2023, CJL is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and guidance from the CDC and American Camp Association. Policies may change if needed to help protect the health and safety of our campers and staff.


  • Campers and staff are required to be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations, including CDC-
    recommended boosters when eligible. Be sure to keep your child’s vaccination card
  • On the morning of arrival at camp, campers must take a home-administered COVID-19 rapid
    antigen test. On arrival you will be asked to show a close-up photo (on your phone) of a
    negative test result. Every camper must have a negative result to stay at camp.
  • CJL offers campers the safety of being mostly outdoors. However, depending on community
    spread of the virus, other preventive measures such as wearing masks may be used as



Any necessary medications should be brought to camp in a zippered plastic bag in the original pharmacy packaging.  We cannot accept any medications that are not in their original packaging. Bring exactly the amount of each medication needed. 


In both Campanion and CampInTouch, you will find a Medication Instructions form. In addition to uploading the completed form, please print and insert it in the plastic bag with medications brought to camp. This will help facilitate communication with nursing staff on Opening Day.


All non-rescue medications are held in the Infirmary and dispensed by the camp nurse (RN or licensed physician). She will be responsible for making sure your daughter receives her medication as prescribed. If your daughter's medication dosage has changed within two weeks before arriving at camp, please make certain the nurse is made aware of this. We are aware that older campers are capable of regulating their own medication; however, due to liability factors, all medications must be dispensed through our Infirmary.


Common medications, such as pain relievers and antihistamines (a full list is on our health forms), are stocked in our Infirmary and dispensed by the camp nurse as needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring these types of medications to camp.


Emergency Contact

You will be the first person contacted by the camp if outside medical attention is needed for your daughter.


We would appreciate having a good contact person other than the camper's parents. If for some reason you can not be reached, we will then try to reach the emergency contact listed on the application form. Any medical expenses will be filed with your insurance at the doctor's office or hospital if possible, but in the instance that this is not possible, or there are additional charges, they will go on your daughter's Trading Post account.


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