Summer of Fun!


Welcome to Camp Juliette Low's virtual summer camp -- our 2020 Summer of Fun!


Since we couldn't be together on Lookout Mountain this past summer, we brought the fun, magic and memories of CJL to our campers at home! Below, you'll find a list of our various Summer of Fun activities. The links will direct you to either the Camp Juliette Low YouTube channel or the Director's Blog (which can also be found within the top right corner of the website). HAVE FUN!



Week 2: Scout's Own: Togetherness | #CJLscoutsown

Week 3: Campfire Singalong with Nancy, Gay and Joye | Fast SongsSlow Songs | #CJLcampfire #CJLsongs

Week 5: CJL All-Camp Talent Show!  | #CJLtalentshow #CJLsgottalent 

Week 6: Happy Birthday Brian!

Week 7: Campfire Singalong with Nancy, Gay and Joye | Fast Songs & Slow Songs | #CJLcampfire #CJLsongs

Week 7: Meet Your C.I.Ts |  #cjlCITs

Week 8: Campfire Singalong with Nancy, Gay and Joye | Fast Songs & Slow Songs | #CJLcampfire #CJLsongs

Week 8: Friendship Circle | #friendshipcircle

Week 8: Banquet Celebration | #CJLbanquet

Week 8: Baby Boats | #babyboats



Week 1: 3-D Campfire with Ashleigh | Make the perfect campfire at home | #CJLCrafts #myCJLhomefire

Week 2: Pressed Flowers with Eva Create stationary by pressing flowers #CJLCrafts

Week 3: Melted 2-D Crayon Creation with Kappy | #CJLCrafts #CJLmeltsmyheart

Week 4: T-Shirt Tote Bag with Laura | #CJLCrafts #CJLtshirtbag

Week 5: Tie Dye with Raven | #CJLCrafts #CJLtiedyes

Week 6: Wind Chimes with Colleen | #CJLCrafts #CJLchimes

Week 7: Friendship Rocks with Jess & Elizabeth | Water balloon babies & pet rocks | #CJLCrafts #CJLfriends 



Week 1: Director's Blog: Opening Night Meal (Nancy) 

Week 2: Director's Blog: Chicken & Rice (Kristen) 

Week 3: Director's Blog: CJL Brunch (Allison) 

Week 4: Director's Blog: Classic Cookout featuring El Dorado Casserole (Nancy) 

Week 5: Director's Blog: Breakfast (Kristen) 

Week 6: Director's Blog: Chicken Poppyseed (Allison) 

Week 7: Director's Blog: Overnight (Kayla) 

Week 8: Director's Blog: Banquet (Kristen) 



Week 1: Director's Blog: String Burning and Water Boiling (Nancy) 

Week 2: Director's Blog: Lashing (Zelda) 

Week 3: Director's Blog: Overnight (Elle, Kaylee, Delia, Dory) 

Week 4: Director's Blog: 14-Person Fire (Deena & Maggie) 

Week 5: Director's Blog: Woodchopping & Whittling (Anna) 

Week 6: Director's Blog: Pixie (Nurse Judy & Nurse Sara Beth)  

Week 7: Director's Blog: Knot-Tying (Avery) 

Week 8: Director's Blog: Craft Show (Nancy) 



Week 1: Tie-dye Paper with Katie O using Shaving Cream and Food Coloring | #CJLtiedyes

Week 2: Bake Muddy Buddies with Emily and Kate | #cjlFUNtivities 

Week 3: Chalk Art with Anna  | #CJLchalkart

Week 4: Fourth of July with Elizabeth, Rachel, Ava and Kayla | #CJLfourthofjuly

Week 5: Gourmet Makes: CJL Specials with Eva | #CJLtestkitchen #CJLgourmet

Week 6: Scavenger Hunt with Katherine 

Week 7: Baking Dot Rolls with Sarah | #CJLtestkitchen #CJLgourmet

Week 8: Summer Fun with Emmy 



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