CJL Giving Challenge

Please join us in taking part in the CJL Giving Challenge. Our goal is to raise funds for the construction of a new covered outdoor pavilion by the playing field, giving current and future campers a place to play, create and celebrate the timeless traditions of CJL. We are hoping to hit our fundraising goal by the September 26th event, so that construction can be completed by the 2022 Alumnae Weekend and camping season. 


Every little bit makes a difference. 


All donations are tax deductible. If you are making a donation and would prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know within the note section of the donation link. 

Fundraising Goal - $75,000


93.7% of $75000


Donor Levels


Thank you to all alumnae and families that have contributed. You are one of the reasons that Camp Juliette Low has been so successful throughout the years. 


Similar to the ducks at the lake and the horseshoes at the barn, we will be making a "Giving Tree" with each donor name listed on a separate leaf. All donations of $100 or more will get a leaf and leaf colors will be based on sponsor level. 


Romany Sponsors - $25+

Cami Kelly

Betty Mozley Konigsmark

Amber Ostrej


Oakledge Sponsors - $50+

Eileen Evans

Erica Schuster

Plants Creative Landscapes in Honor of Hope Smith

Susan Walton

Cassandra Wilson


Sherwood Sponsors - $100+

Frannie Alembik

Marjorie Hart Anderson

Parrish Andre

Kate and Alex Baker

Lisa Barker

Laura Barron

Julia Beck

Ehren and Parker Black

Laurel Bliss

Astrid Bockhurst

Maya and Ella Bradford

Jane Bradshaw

Parker Brown

Jane Burnette

Charlotte Clasper

Lindsey Sherrer Crooks

Mike, Jill, Caitlin & Emmy Cooper

Frances DePree

Alice, Justin, River, Luna & Sybil DeSimone

Ashley Farrar 

Sara Fernandez

Eugenia Hachenberg

Lucy and Jackie Hager

Susan Haverstick

Hayley Henderson

Sara Beth Hitt

Peggy Holbrook

Laura Holcomb

Hazel Hughes

Katherine Hunt

Carolyn Jackson

Sara Beth Jennings

Susan Yates Jensen 

Madison Jinks

Elsie Johnson

Winn Johnson

Kathy Landon

Christine Lawley

Barbara Anita Lee

Lilly Martin

Rachel and William Mast

Claire and Emma Mathews

Lesley Craig McWilliams

Sydney Merhige

Anna Mott

Rita Murphy 

Tatum Newsome

Katharine Nuckols

Barrie O'Brien

Mary Odden

Kyra Phillippi

Autumn Pollack

Ellis Radtke

Kenzie and Patrick Ritchey 

Amy C. Roberts

Katherine Rosenkrantz 

Abby Sellers

Karin Shaw

Anne Sims

Elaine Smith

Melissa Smith

Caroline Smitherman

Suzanne Nichols Smitherman

Margaret Stegall

Anna Szalwinksi 

Lindsay Turley

Kristen and Brooke Wellbaum

Joan Wilce

Gale Williams

Helen Woodland

Kaitlin Woods

Aubrey Ziegler 

Tent 1 Entourage 

In Memory of Ruth Bidwell

In Honor of Ehren and Parker Black


Glen Sponsors - $250+

Hilary Brooks Butler

Cathy Prillaman Brooks

Mary Kayla Brooks

Joanne Bryan

Marguerite Carter

Tommy and Peggy Carter

Peggy Crowe

Mary Ellen Gurley

Sarah Joseph

Shailey Kile

Ruth Laney

Kelly Misiak

Anne Money

Amber and Stephanie Moyse

Allen and Susan Potter

Jane Sullivan

Reba Witter 

Mary Zimmerman

In Memory of Ehren Black

In Memory of Susan Causey

In Memory of Dot Pollard

In Honor of Kathy Switzer, Mary Switzer Zimmerman & Anne Money Switzer in Memory of their Mother 


Four Winds Sponsors - $500+

Sharon Altenbach

Taylor, John, Henslee and Blair Atwood

Anna Brim

Amanda Bolster

Nancy Brim and Peter Carnell

Laura, Carter and Dylan Douglas-Brown

Allison, Austin, Cora and Caleb Harrison

Paula Hill

Karen and Mark Mitchell

Andrea Mourad

Becca and Perrin Nicolson

Ann Perry

Lindsay Powell

Howard and Nancy Smith

Janette Sticher

Isabella Vakkur

In Memory of Ethal Evans Wildman


Olympus Sponsors - $1000+

Regina and Charles Ballard 

Rebecca Clemenzi

Marilyn Teitelbaum Comiter

Eileen Creekmore

Erin, Bill, Eileen, Jack and Luke Evans

Carolyn Frost

Penny Armstrong Hart

Lizzie, Doug, Thomas and Mary Jury

Grandma and Grandpa Jury

Florrie and Jim Johnson

Becky Shipley Kelly 

Kappy Kelly

Elizabeth and Tim Klespies

Jen, Michael, Leah and Lucy Laggan 

Leslie, Tom and Maggie Lawley

Jane Levings

Nancy Kelly McReynolds 

Judy L. McVey

Lane Kilpatrick Murrah and Mark Murrah

Elisabeth Gay Rice

Donna Ross and Frank Lockwood

Margaret Elizabeth Peabody

Anita Shippen

Shari Szalwinkski 

Mat Tarver Gallerani & The Jack Tarver Foundation

Ellen Thompson

Sonny and Beth Thurmond

Leigh Redfearn Veasey and Jack Veasey

The Pender Gouldthorpe Family Fund

Summer Office
321 Camp Juliette Low Road
Cloudland, GA 30731
Business Office
PO Box 5113
Marietta, GA 30061